Harry Potter: Wizards Unite out in Beta for New Zealand and Australia

Niantic is making its fans’ day – from New Zealand and Australia – by giving them the first ones to play with the augmented reality game. We are talking about the beta version of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite,  which is now available on the Google Play and the Apple App Store in Australia and New Zealand.  However, fans need to keep in mind that is just a test run, and that the company stated that the overall appearance, such as languages, features, and the design are not ready yet. They will probably change after the first wave of feedback. Also, there are bugs and even unstable environments, things that are common to most of the best software.

What is the game about?

In this game, players are new recruits to the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, and their goal is to capture and subdue the magical creatures and objects that got away from the wizarding world after something called “Calamity”. Just like Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a location-based AR game, which means that you will have to walk around in order to find things.

In an official statement, the company gave the players some clues, such as: the traces will help you in finding “Foundables”, such as objects, beasts and people that come from another time, or even from memories. They also said that you could enter the AR encounters with these Foundables, and also dispel the “Confoundable” magic in protecting them, by tracing glyphs on your device.

At the moment, the beta game is only available in those two countries mentioned above. However, all the “wizards” from the real world are able to sign up for future updates on the official Wizards Unite website. They can pre-register on Google Play, as well, if they have an Android device and want to make sure they don’t miss any of the announcements.

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