Saints Row 5: Latest Rumors Regarding Release Date and Gameplay

Because of the numerous turmoils around the developers that worked on the prior Saints Row Games, a lot of people have been wondering when or if even a next installment will be released. What we’ve found, after some research on the internet, about a probable Saints Row 5 isn’t definite, but it does reveal something is on the way in the near future.

Saints Row 5: Multiplayer versus Single Player

A thing that has been changed so many times since the prior game was released is that gamer preferences have turned to always-online worlds where multiplayer is a kind-of main item in the game.​

Comparing it to GTA Online, we see how this fact has become more mainstream. GTA Online is built on the back of a leading single-player game and is the goldmine of Rockstar’s franchise. The game became that way because they twisted that single-player experience into a stellar game.

Many fans think that Saint Rows 5 should have the same thing happening, and this might actually be the reason why there wasn’t any news about a possible game being developed.

Jim Boone Returns for Saint Row 5

Another positive sign for the future of the Saints Row is that Jim Boone has returned as a developer. A lot of fans think that he will most likely contribute to Saints Row 5 if he isn’t already developing the game.

A lot of people think that if Saints Row 5 will be developed and released, it will be for the next-generation consoles, which actually makes a lot of sense when talking from a technology and investment point of view.

Saints Row 5 Release Date Rumors

The next generation consoles are providing power and capabilities beyond what we currently have with today’s generation of consoles. Using consoles as the platform for the next game makes sense, but it also means that the Saints Row 5 could not be released so soon.

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