Borderlands 3 Will Have Microtransactions But Only For In-Game Cosmetics

From now on, Borderlands 3 will enter in the big games category because the game will steer away from the microtransactions to buying items with real money. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, says that Borderlands 3 will give you the possibility to pay with real money all the content you wish to purchase.

What’s New in Borderlands 3?

Starting from now, when playing the game you can buy new cosmetics like skins and heads, and don’t worry, they will not affect the gameplay. Pitchford says that their purpose is to have a game that is far away from the idea of free-to-play mode and no microtransactions.

Also, Paul Sage, the creative director of Borderlands 3, says that by buying skins or heads, won’t help you win the game. You will pay with real money this time, you will collect your items, but this won’t lead you to a pay-to-win situation. The game is not created to be some kind of a games-as-a-service one.

Microtransactions come in Borderlands 3 but only for in-game cosmetics

Moreover, Borderlands 3 will have the exact strategy like Borderlands 2. That means that the game will receive a lot of expansion packs over time, and of course, those packs will be payable. If you get Borderlands 3 season pass, you will have four story campaigns, add-ons, and new missions and other extras included. Also, take note that Borderlands 3 will have no loot boxes.

Finally, Sage says that even if they are selling cosmetic items in the game, it doesn’t mean that the company will take advantage of the players and their money. The things that you can buy for the game will be characters, weapon skins, and vehicles. Remember that all of the items would not impact your win rate in the game, so no pay-to-win items are being sold. Borderlands 3 will be launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13.

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