Top 3 Best Apex Legends Characters You Should Play With

If you are reading this article, it means that you are quite an Apex Legends fan and you also know that if you want that victory you need to choose the character you use wisely and that is not easy. In order for you to save a bit more time, we provide you with a Top 3 best characters you could use in Apex Legends.

Top 3 Best Apex Legends Characters You Should Play With


There are three abilities that you can find in each character in this ultimate Battle Royale: Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. The smoke launcher is the tactical ability of Banglore, and a double timer is the passive one while the ultimate ability is Rolling Thunder. This is the best offensive character you can use in the game because his abilities can help you on your way to winning.


The tactical abilities Bloodhound have are the eyes of the allfather, the ultimate and passive abilities are beast of the hunt and respectively tracker. Its efficiencies are not easy to be used, but being a winner comes easy when you know how to handle them. You can track down your enemies and defeat them thanks to Bloodhound. This strong character has a beast of the hunt as its ultimate superpower, and it helps you notice through the smoke launcher of Bangalore, If you want your battles to be more effective, choosing Bloodhound would be a smart move.


The ultimate, passive and tactical abilities of Caustic are respectively Nox Gas grenade, Nox Vision and Nox Gas Trap. Even though Caustic is locked, you can use microtransactions to unlock him. This is one of the most unique characters in the latest Battle royale title as he can ambushes for his teammates with the traps he creates. A large area can be affected by his poisonous gas, and if he wants to make massive destruction, he can use the Nox Gas grenade.

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