2K to Give an Official Statement About the “No Microtransactions” Thing in Borderlands 3

This week, we got Borderlands 3’s gameplay, and the CEO of Gearbox, called Randy Pitchford said that the game would not come with microtransactions. He referred to the free-to-play tactics, like buying loot boxes. In a recent interview, the Creative Director at Gearbox Paul Sage said that they are selling cosmetic things. Of course, it confused fans a lot, so 2K has to make things clear.

About the no-microtransactions thing

As said earlier, during the gameplay reveal, the CEO said that there would be no microtransactions. He also said that they sell cosmetic things, like skins and heads. Borderlands will not come with microtransactions, and that messed us the gameplay. But just like in the previous games, you will be able to buy cosmetic items. You’ll also get downloadable content.

2K released a statement, in which they said that players would have the option to get some cosmetic things, like a vehicle, weapon skin, character, but they will not be considered pay-to-win, and they won’t even have an impact in the gameplay.

This game is a shooter game that comes with a focus on looting, and it takes looting very seriously. Microtransactions led to “direct player advantages”, and they will be avoided. But the game will still come with XP and loot boosts, which can be obtained if you buy the special editions. These boots will be level capped and will also be linked to some certain pieces of the gear.

Borderlands 3 also wants to be a balanced looter shooter. There will be DLC, which will be paid, and free cosmetic drops. Borderlands 2 came with lots of cosmetic DLCs, but no inclusion at all.

We still have a few more months to wait before we get Borderlands 3, in September. It’s possible that things will change until then.

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