Left 4 Dead Video Trailer Look Stunning, But It’s Not Coming From Valve

Fans of Left 4 Dead have been waiting for some years now for the third series of the game. Even though Valve frequently struggles to pull forward the installments for its third leadership, fans have not given up on it and keep hoping for the day they get to enjoy it in a new manner.

However, a video has shown up on the internet and baffled the fans. The video was posted by a recently created YouTube channel that went live and seems to be a trailer for the game Left 4 Dead 3.

The clip even ends with the well-known four-fingered hand that’s been used as the trademark for the series from the beginning. Even if the video is an incredibly good-looking concept of what a new Left 4 Dead might be and look like, all the evidence indicates that the creation is being made by a fan.

Left 4 Dead Video Trailer Look Stunning, But It’s Not Coming From Valve

The Youtube channel that released the video is named ‘Clusterflu961′, and the person behind the account seems to be located in Canada. The clip’s title is apparently referring to a date, June 11, as it can be seen: ‘20190611wVLACgXBSwO4eVv.021162_h264’​, but it doesn’t offer much else.

No matter who created the clip, it looks sensational. The video has a multitude of environments that look fabulous, horrific bloodshed, and appropriate Left 4 Dead hints like the well-known pill bottles and the map of the safe room. The absolute fantastic fragment of design is the hand at the end which pulls back to show a three.

There were tons of screenshots from a aborted variant of Left 4 Dead 3, and no one knows (perhaps only those involved with Valve), of any version of the game being developed ever since 2017. The initial developers of Left 4 Dead are now designing Back 4 Blood, a boldly named descendant that seems to officially return with the winning recipe.

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