Nintendo Switch Features That Would Make It Better, According To The Fans

The Nintendo Switch has been a hit among gamers who value portability, but the noting is perfect.
A quick look at some of the popular forum platforms will allow anyone to find a vast list of features that could make the device even better. Some are perfectly reasonable while others don’t make too much sense. Below you can find a curated selection of possible features that should make any Switch owner happy.

Nintendo Switch Features That Would Make It Better

A larger number of Wii U ports

The Wii U may have been an unpopular console, but many excellent games were released for the device. It is likely that many Nintendo Switch owners would love a chance to play some of these games and the popular demand should justify the costs to port them. We hope that Nintendo will port at least some of the popular first-party titles in the future.

Themed Labo accessories

The Labo line of accessories was well-received by the fans of the company. While an assortment of choices is available, some would like a Nintendo-themed Labo kit, which should be one of the popular characters. For example, the release of a kit which features Mario would attract the attention of many potential customers.

Faster data transfer with USB 3.0

This was one of the most anticipated additions that failed to materialize. USB 3.0 is superior when it comes to data transfer, but users are stuck with the old 2.0 standard for now. Some hope that the upcoming Nintendo Switch models will address this issue, but that remains to be seen.

A built-in messaging solution

While previous consoles offered the ability to message friends and family members (and random strangers) Nintendo removed this functionality from the Nintendo Switch, arguing that underage users can be exposed to unsavory content and cyberbullying. A separate app can be downloaded on your smartphone, but it is annoying that you have to use a different device when you want to ask a friend to join your game.

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