Minecraft Latest 1.9 Update Available on PlayStation 4 with New Texture Packs

Do you know the sandbox video game in which you have to build the world and maintain health? In which your creativity can be stimulated, and you can make with unlimited resources what do you wish, in where you can fly and be adventurous in battle with another player? That’s Minecraft, a critically acclaimed game, who has won numerous awards and is very popular and loved by fans.  So, if you are a fan and you are playing the game on PS4 you need to know some details about the new update for this month.

Big Update on Minecraft for PlayStation 4

For a small size update (239.8 MB) it contains a lot of content and features. The updated version is 1.9, and it comes with new crossbow weapons, shields, and texture packs. Also, you will receive looms, enchanted books, and lanterns. If you want a source of fuel for your furnace, the dead bushes are perfect. Also, it is probably that in the 1.9 updates, the leaves that are dropping could become sticks.

Moreover, we have mentioned some texture packs, right? You will receive the Minecraft Texture Pack and the Classic Texture Pack with this update. Oh, we have cute news as well, do you know Jellie? Jellie is the community cat, and you will have it in the game as a variant. But wait that’s not all! Wood blocks and stripped wood blocks are added, and a new banner pattern will be in the game.

Besides this, you can destroy chorus flowers with arrows, and the fresh cod or raw salmon can help you to heal the cats. You are improving your recipes with the new rabbit stew and beetroot soup added through the update. You must know that when a creeper is killed by a stray, it is a chance that a record could be dropped.

Finally, you will have the ability to be craftier, because you can dye wool and glass for carpets and stained glass. Minecraft update will also bring sponges that will dry out when you will put them in warm weather, and trophies will be an addition too.

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