GTA 6 New Insights Available – What’s New?

If you are a PlayStation or Xbox fan, it means that you might have already gotten excited about the next version of the Grand Theft Auto even though its release date has not gotten any confirmation yet.GTA 6’s release has not received any official endorsement from Rockstar Games, but it does not mean that fans can’t be all over it not that their focus is no longer on the Red Dead Redemption 2 that is already out.

What are the rumors saying?

Even though there is almost no concrete information about GTA 6, the fans of the game have already filled the internet with rumors and guesses.

Some of them believe that for a month the PS5 will have exclusivity of the game this being one of the most recent rumors that are circling the internet. Pastebin is the origin of this rumor, but a third-party dev has also penned it as they say they know something about what Sony is planning to do regarding the next generation console.

The poster of the game actually backs up this rumor, and even Sony confirmed some of the early details in relation with the PlayStation 5.

Another leak about GTA 6 comes from the same source, and their claims are quite significant. Unfortunately for the Xbox and PS4 players, only the next generation consoles will have support for the GTA 6. Still, this change does not affect the enthusiasm of the fans of the game.

What else do we know about the game?

Some insights claim that GTA 6 will feature Vice City and Liberty City which are only two of the major cities that will be included. Even Miami might be revisited by the players in the new version of the game, and that is exciting.

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