Here’s What Fortnite’s Volcano Eruption Event Had To Offer

Fortnite is always planning big events, but it appears that this time they planned something truly special once again. The preparations for the event began weeks ago when Fortnite added all sorts of challenges into the games. Players had to complete them in order to activate the five runes located at a device under the Loot Lake. However, there was a catch. Every activated rune destabilized the close by volcano even more.

The mystery finally ended after weeks of teasing. A countdown appeared above the Loot Lake. The numbers indicated that the event was going begin at 3 PM ET or 12 PM ET. Some rumors suggested that the big surprise was going to be a Marshmello concert which will bring together all the online players. More than that, reports indicated that during the event players won’t be able to kill each other.

What changed in Fortnite due to the volcano eruption?

The eruption affected several areas and there are a couple of important locations. The volcano was a major center of interest and since everyone guessed that it’s going to erupt, many players decided to stay around it.

However, the most important spot remained the Loot Lake. The mysterious device took players to another dimension that had six glass cases were there were removed game items. Players had to work together to break one case and the drum gun was the one that won.

Players returned to the island and witnessed the volcano eruption. Many beloved places are gone, including the Tiled Towers. All you can see now is a destroyed placed, covered in lava. Retail Row was also affected. The event disabled battle royale modes and users played The Unvaulting where no one died and everyone was respawned. More changes should be on their way and we cannot wait to see what is next.

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