Minecraft 1.14 Version Raids Explained

Sandbox fans, Minecraft is coming with its latest version (1.14) in which players can experience Raids. A raid is a combat challenge in which you will test your combat abilities with the enemies from another village. If you are curious enough and want to start a trial with the 1.14 version Raids in Minecraft, we will help you with the details.

Raid in Minecraft – Version 1.14

First things first, you need to locate a village, but not quite randomly. That village must have at least a villager NPC and one bed. After you have located your NPC in the village, you must trigger the beginning of a Raid by activating a Bad Omen status. A Bad Omen status is an effect you’ll have after killing an NPC. The NPC must be a type named Illager Captain, which will look like a grey villager, but with a distinct banner above itself with Bad Omen. In that way, you can distinguish them as Captains from the other villagers. The NPCs have come to Minecraft with the previous version of the game.

Besides this, the idea is that you must kill as many Illager Captains as you can for obtaining a higher Bad Omen status. The Illarger Captains can be found around Pillager Outposts or in the Woodland Mansions. So, having a high Bad Omen status, you will have a harder difficulty when you want to start a Raid. Also, keep in mind that the Bad Omen status will automatically begin a Raid as you enter a village. Your Bad Omen status will disappear after entering them, and it will be replaced by Raid status.

Finally, the bar will shrink as long as you are killing the enemy. Every killed enemy will help you with the decreasing of the bar. Take note that if you want to start a Raid, you must prepare for this with supplies and resources, and the Raid in Version 1.14 will start easy, but it will become difficult with time.

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