Red Dead Online Update Release By Rockstar Games

Rockstar’s developed and launched Red Dead Redemption 2 Online to PS4 and Xbox One users towards the end of last year, in November. It’s a multiplayer action-adventure video game that managed to acquire a large fanbase in a short timeframe.

Red Dead Online Update Released

This week, Rockstar released a small Red Dead online update that sparked fans’ excitement. Even more, the update is rumored to be followed by a more important expansion for PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

New Additions

Before the big expansion is launched, players can enjoy the new additions Rockstar made to the video game. The new features of the update include the ability to compete in Open Target Races, in which you have to take down targets in an open field, while horseback riding. Users are now also able to grab the Jawbone Knife from the Fence, the Diamondback Hat and the Hartman Jacket. Other exciting features have been added to Red Dead online, offering players an enhanced experience and boosts on their Gold bar count.

When Will The Expansion Pack Launch?

Rockstar Games hasn’t decided on an official date for the release of the Spring update. However, fans have faith that it will happen sometime during this month. Their impatience escalate even more due to the lack of content available for the game, compared to the variety of options GTA, the other massive multiplayer video game of the company, has.

Since GTA Online also faced some problems in the variety department when it was first released, but Rockstar managed to overcome its shortages, releasing tons of new features and Heists. Let’s hope the company will be able to do the same for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.
When it was first released, Red Dead Online faced some massive competition from GTA Online, causing it to take longer to become popular.

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