Apex Legends Mobile Release Date, Features, and More

Apex Legends, the creation of Electronic Arts is the perfect choice if you love playing Fortnite or PUBG, or other battle royale games of this sort. Soon, Apex Legends Mobile will become available for Android and iOS. Here’s everything you need to know about the game.

Apex Legends is a battle royale game, created by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts, and you can play and download it for free. The title has been released at the beginning for Microsoft Windows, and consoles such as Xbox One and PS 4 at the beginning of the year 2019.

What to Expect From Apex Legends Mobile?

EA has been scarce in offering details about Apex Legends Mobile, but as in the case of Fortnite and PUBG, we presume that the game will come with all the modes and features as the titles on other platforms. There are numerous varieties of games within the gameplay, such as battle royale games, class-based shooters, and developing stories. There are 60 players to battle against each other throughout the gameplay, and in every group of players, there are 3 of them which are controlled by the lead player on the team’s region.

To battle the other squads, you need resources and weapons, that you have to find and gather. The team players can talk to each other through the game’s chat to create strategies. Also, you can respawn the capabilities of your squad members in a given period.

The game starts with you being plopped on a large map and entering into a Battle to survive through the Apex Legends. The gameplay has a wide assortment of weapons and gears to help you in battles, and the 60 players are separated into 20 squads.

We listed below some of the most amazing Apex Legends Mobile features:

  • You can choose between eight different characters: Bangalore, Gibraltar, Wraith, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Caustic, Pathfinder and Mirage. Each of these characters comes with specific skills.
  • There is a vast amount of weapons and elements such as machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, armor, resuscitation, plasma, explosives and so much more.
  • The Apex Legends has one of the most exciting and vivid maps. The graph is vast and sufficient for the 60 players.
  • The game offers a wide range of costumes and weapons for those who want to customize their characters.
  • The visuals and graphics are so impressive that it surpasses the other rival titles

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date

For the time being, we have no clue when Apex Legends Mobile would launch, but we can only guess that is going to happen soon since Electronic Arts stated yesterday that they are “in advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and to mobile.”

The purpose of the mobile release would be to attract more players to Apex Legends, as EA and Respawn want to take on Epic’s Fortnite which is currently the most popular battle royale title.

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