Monster Hunter: World Iceborne DLC Announced During Capcom’s Livestream

We were all waiting for the live stream from Capcom, anticipating new details about the next massive DLC – Iceborne, and we were not disappointed!

Both Capcom’s livestream and PlayStation’s State of Play livestream revealed the trailer, announcing that the highly awaited DLC will go live on September 6th, 2019!

In a 3-minute long trailer, we saw the snowy Hoarfrost Reach where new monsters appear, either coming to butthead you or appearing from under the snow! But the expansion comes with more than a snowy area. It has different sections and monsters, and a new story. Players will also get the new rank called Master Rank (which is similar to the G-Rank prom previous monster Hunter games). Of course, the trailer ends with the huge dragon that appears from above, Velkhana.

Here is the video from Monster Hunter’s Tweet:

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne – Spring Update Reveal Highlights

Now let’s see what else we learned from the Spring Update Reveal stream on Twitch.

The new environment in Hoarfrost Reach will make players struggle with the cold unless they have some items like pepper or hot drink to resist the harsh weather. If you don’t have these items, your stamina will be lowered. Another way to regenerate your stamina is by using the hot spring in the environment.

Among the new creatures, you will see some cute monkeys and of course a lot of other old and new ones that want to kill you.

The story progresses up to a point where the area opens and becomes the largest level in the game where you will fight against the new monsters. Watch out for Banbaro’s horns – remember the headbutt… heads-up earlier?

Beotodus is the monster we said that would attack from under your feet. Buried half in snow, it will attack you, and you must figure a way to lure him out. The problem is that both Beotodus and Banbaro live in the same area, so you might end up running into both of them…

Nargacuga will come from Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite to Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite and bring some new moves.

However, the most important monster that comes is Velkhana, a dragon that will use ice attacks.

The livestream also revealed a new move set – for example, you can now use the slinger while you have your weapon in the other hand, and there are many other combos coming in the DLC as well – all helping the hunter’s movement and attacks to be more efficient.

The DLC Iceborne is $39.99. If you haven’t played Monster Hunter: World yet, you have a chance of doing it for free thanks to a Free trial that comes on PS4!


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