GTA 6 Release Date: Will Rockstar Wait Until E3 2019?

There are rumors all over the internet regarding GTA 6’s release date. We know it is the most exciting one, because, let’s face it, is one of the most popular games, but we do not really know what to believe when it comes to the internet.

There are a few more weeks until E3 2019, and many news reports have suggested that Rockstar might make an appearance at the show.

There was a post on Reddit that got deleted afterward, but one user said that Rockstar not only will be present there, but that it will also make a big announcement.

Does this really mean we are going to get an official release for GTA 6? To be fair, it’s been six years since the original release of the previous game, GTA 5, so we think that the timing is just about right.

The same user from Reddit claims to work for a company that is actually focusing on a landing page for the parent company of Rockstar- Take-Two.

Will this be the chance for another reveal?

We are talking about a big event and a big game, and we are expecting anything. It is true, the reveal of GTA 6 would be a dream, but many fans out there believe that there is another game in the line for Rockstar – Bully 2. Or it could also be a long-forgotten game, like Agent, that gets a re-reveal.

All the GTA 6 rumors are very popular, because fans want another sequel to the game series. The most popular rumors are with regards to the release date. Many people believe it is going to happen in 2020. The very same rumors suggest that GTA 6 will launch just exactly in time for Sony’s next-gen PS5 console.

We come again with the site Pastebin, in which there is a certain post that explains how apparently Sony paid some big money to get timed exclusivity for GTA 6.

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