Is Game for Peace the new PUBG?

Tencent Holdings Ltd’s has an alternative version for the game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” in China. This game has become the world’s most famous mobile game on Apple’s iOS app store – right from the very first 72 hours from its launch.

The U.S app analytics firm, called Sensor Tower stated on Friday that users from China’s App Store have spent more than $14 million on “Game for Peace – all from the in-app purchases.

The leader of the Chinese video game shut down the test version of the very-popular PUBG game in China last week. They led users to a similar and more patriotic video game. In comparison to PUBG, it has regulatory approval to generate revenue.

The company had waited more than a year – and in vain – to get an approval to earn money on the PUBG game from the in-app purchases.

What were the changes done on the game?

The game was made as a makeover to meet the rules and requirements of the government. The killings were turned into a non-violent departure. It’s also a bit of patriotism there, with the appearance of the Chinese Air Force recruitment ad at the beginning of the game. Also, Chinese fighter jets can be seen flying by when players parachute into the arena. There are also some Communist slogans placed in different locations. While this is a serious deal to people from China, actually, many outside-of-the-country players see this as a mock to China’s new regulations.

Tencent was asked to comment on this matter on Monday, but they did not immediately respond.

Sensor Tower has also stated that the sum of money that they got from “Game for Peace” in the first three days was about six times the total that was spent by users on the PUBG game in all the other countries where it was available to play.

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