Hearthstone patch 14.2 is Live: Get ready For Dalaran Heist

We had a ton of fun with Rafaam’s League of E.V.I.L. in Tavern Brawl last week, and now we will get to see these guys in the next solo adventure that will be available starting tomorrow, May 16th!

Patch 14.2 went live last night, and it’s bringing along various game improvements and bug fixes for the game. As for the Dalaran Heist solo adventure, players can begin it starting on May 16, with the first hero and chapter being free for everyone.

If you haven’t checked out the cinematic trailer from last week, here it is:

Hearthstone’s first narrative will be the Dalaran Heist, which is being attacked by old villains. We will be able to play nine heroes with different hero powers and decks in the Dalaran Heist campaign.

This week, we will be able to start the Dalaran Bank and Violet Hold chapters. The second one will be available for purchase right away, and the rest of the three chapters will be released in the next weeks.

This patch includes two new card backs that you can win in the solo adventure. You will be able to unlock the “Prize of Shadows” card back as soon as you finish the Dalaran Heist and if you beat the Dalaran Heist on Heroic mode, you will get the “Got Away with it!” card back.

You will also receive a Golden Zayle, Shadow Cloak collectible card after you own the entire chapters! Use this card alone in a deck and play with a pre-made E.V.I.L. deck!

During the solo adventure, you earn up to 16 Rise of Shadows card packs – 3 card packs given as a reward after finishing a chapter. After you complete all chapters, you get a golden Classic pack.

As for the bug fixes, some important ones were introduced with the new patch. For example, if you are playing the solo adventure and disconnect or crash, you can resume the adventure when you re-log or re-connect. Mobile users also got some fixes. Check out the entire patch notes on Blizzard’s Play Hearthstone website.

Are you ready for Dalaran Heist? To unlock the chapters, you need to pay 700 gold / $6.99 per each chapter, but you can also get them all for $19.99.

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