The Sims 5 Might Indeed Launch Soon, According To These Signs

Five years ago, EA published The Sims 4, the latest installment in the popular series up till today. However, the fans of the franchise are already getting nervous about finding out when the next title in the series, The Sims 5, would come out. We might have some excellent news for them, as there are a few signs that indicate that The Sims might indeed launch soon.

The Sims is one of the most popular games in history, summing up millions of players who enjoyed playing each installment in the franchise. As The Sims 4 lifespan is getting closer to its end, many fans turned to the Internet to find more about the potential release of the next installment, The Sims 5. Today, we’ll show you a series of reasons why we believe that The Sims 5 is close to an official announcement.

Signs That The Sims 5 might indeed launch soon

All the standard expansion packs have already rolled out

All The Sims releases in the franchises, so far, received almost identical expansions packs and patches, with only a few exceptions, namely, a couple of unique updates for each installment in the series, especially.

The Sims 4 received all the standard expansion packs, except for the one known as University. All that might suggest that The Sims 5 might launch soon.

There will be an excellent year for The Sims, Gurus announced

Gurus, those who frequently release updates on The Sims series, revealed on Twitter that there would be an excellent year for The Sims series. Some of the players who believe that The Sims 4 is not worthy as it provides a too restricted content think that Gurus meant that new packs would come to The Sims 4, some more optimistic fans believed that the tweet referred to The Sims 5.

Gaming technology boosted, so The Sims 4 is outdated

Since the first titles of The Sims franchise launched, the graphics and gaming technology have significantly evolved. The same happened since the rollout of The Sims 4, which took place about five years ago.

Accordingly, The Sims 4 is now outdated in terms of graphics and gameplay so that the devs wouldn’t wait too much before the launch of The Sims 5. However, it might be possible that The Sims 5 to roll out for the next-gen consoles, which would mean around 2020.

Maxis looks for new designers for The Sims 5

Maxis, the devs behind The Sims series, posted some job ads to hire new designers. While the ads do not precisely specify that the new designers would work on the fifth installment in The Sims series, some of the game’s fans believe that it’s all about The Sims 5.

In short, all the signs hint to an official announcement of The Sims 5, at least, which would happen anytime soon.

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