Kingdom Hearts 3: Best Alternatives for PC

If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, but you did not get the game due to the fact that you’re stuck with the PC, then we are here to give you the best alternatives for this game.


This one comes with the amazing Japanese world, and many legends and Gods. In this game, you get to be Amaterasu, which is a sun goddess, that defeated the demon with eight heads. After some time, the demon got to escape, and he wants to battle the goddess again. The Japanese graphics are really good. If you’re a fan of Kingdom Hearts, you will surely love this game.  You have to fight enemies in order to earn rewards, and try to stay with no damage.

The game also comes with a unique feature, called the Celestial Brush Feature. If you use it, you can understand better what you want to happen within reason. It can also be used in order to weaken your enemy.

Duke Nukem Forever

This one is an action game which gives you the chance to do various things, such as shooting, fighting and even driving. Sometimes you can solve puzzles, as well.

Duke has a chipmunk voice, and you can observe it while he is on the journey between the kitchen shelves and the burger ones. You have to shoot aliens, Octobrains, some Pig cops. When you shoot someone, you don’t get blood, you get pixelated sprinkles.

The game sometimes makes you do crazy stuff, such as solving a quiz in a strip club. There are numerous vulgar trademarks, such as the middle finger, a lap dance or even intercourse with a lady in the strip club.

Serious Sam 3

This one is another action game that has a savvy gameplay. The game shows amazing scenery of a military space, where the enemy population is…well, huge.

The map of the game is full of mazes, there is no radar, and you have to find the right path on your own. Its features are old school, but they are worth your time.

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