New Splinter Cell Games, Reportedly Confirmed By Ubisoft Creative Director

Splinter Cell is a series of award-winning stealth video games released in 2002 with a protagonist named Sam Fisher, who is a trained agent within the NSA. The game was developed and published by Ubisoft and is one of the successful game along with Assassin’s Creed. Since 2013 when the last title of Splinter Cell was released, the fans have been waiting for a new installment of the game series. But why is a confusion regarding the confirmation of the new Splinter Cell title?

Some time ago, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot spoke and explained why the company hadn’t launched a new game in the popular franchise and their focus on the games Ghost of Recon and The Division. If we are looking at his statement, we can understand that he subtly confirmed that a new Splinter Cell game is in development.

Moreover, even a Twitter post is highlighting the idea of the new Splinter Cell being in development. The post was added by Julian Gerighty, alongside with pictures of him and Ubisoft Montreal Creative Director Roman Campos Oriola, and Executive Producer Dan Hay. The caption that came along with the photos says that they are in Lyon, France, and they are working on the next #SplinterCell, and he is waiting for #E3. Also, the hashtags #FarCry, #ForHonor, #TheDivision3, #RainbowSixSiege, and #GhostRecon have been added.

New Splinter Cell Games, Reportedly Confirmed By Ubisoft Creative Director

However, having the caption saying they are working on Splinter Cell came as a surprise after its declarations. Guillemot said that in the process of creating a new game, everything must be considered. The purpose of a new game is to make it different from what you had done before, so the last Splinter Cell was made under pressure of the fans, and their request.

The team from Ubisoft is divided when it comes to Splinter Cell because some of them want to work with the brand, and some of them are taking care of the brand. But because Assassin’s Creed and other titles have been taking off and people want them, they have focused precisely on what works. At one point in time, the company will give a new game of Splinter Cell, but until now, they are concentrated at what the fans want.

Finally, after this Twitter post, we wanted to see what Ubisoft says about it, and the creative director has responded that it was all a joke. Julian was joking about the Splinter Cell confirmation, and no further announcements are being made at this time for the game.

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