PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Comes With New Weapons, Skins, Improvements, and More

PUGB brought the Battle Royale into the limelight and it the popular title is played by millions of gamers from all over the world. When the game was released, the smartphone app stores were filled with badly-done copies, which lacked essential features but tried to convince players to pay real-world money for in-game items. After Tencent and Bluehole observed that the demand for a mobile version was quite high they decided to release PUBG Mobile, made by the same developers.

Using the spectacular Unreal Engine 4, PUBG Mobiles encapsulates all the features of the PC version and delivers an exhilarating experience enjoyed by millions of players.

PUBG Mobile Features

  • The rush of battle – Join other players in the classic 100-player mode, alone or with friends.
  • Learn the land – Travel across four excellent maps which feature a rural setting, the scorching heat of the desert, a magnificent jungle and snow-covered heaven.
  • An immersive experience – Players will enjoy an immersive experience with the help of the superb visual and excellent sounds effects. A built-in voice chat feature is also available.
  • Arms race – Pick your favorite weapon and fight your way towards better loot. Equip a variety of weapons and attachments but don’t forget the iconic pan.
  • Race towards the final by using lots of vehicles, with more to be added in the future.

PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Comes With New Content, Including Weapons, Skins, and Improvements

It is thought that the new PUBG Mobile update will be available as of today, on May 17th, once the PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 update will go live. The new update will be accompanied by the launch of Season 7 and a new Royale Pass.

Players who wish to purchase the new Royale Pass as fast as possible will need to wait a little more since this option will be enabled on May 18th.

The latest PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 patch will come with a new weapon called Skorpion. New customization items, including avatar frames, flight trails, and parachute trails, will also be available. New weapon and armor skins are also included.

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