Saints Row 5: The Publisher Announced “Exciting Things Ahead”

A new Saints Row game, Saints Row 5, might make its way to the public as Deep Silver delivers a promise of more to come.

The most recent Saints Row installment was quite interesting – the players were to protect the White House from an alien invasion, then battle the Devil, Satan, in person, in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. The open world action series, with its visuals on a low level, also looking cheap might have passed its time but Deep Silver seems unwilling to just put an end of it.

Saints Row: The Third has just been released on the Nintendo Switch console, but the publishing studio on the rear end of the game tweeted a link which goes to the official Saints Row YouTube page, announcing “exciting things ahead for the Saints, [so] you don’t want to miss out!”‚Äč

Saints Row 5 at E3 2019?

It is unclear if those ‘exciting things’ could mean that Saints Row 5 will be launched for PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett or it will just make a short appearance in another Deep Silver title. However, Volition, the creator and developer of all the prior titles of the series is at the moment hiring for new staff which should have experience in ‘AAA third-person shooters’ for its upcoming open world game.

However, numerous fans would rather prefer that Volition’s next game to be a segment in that franchise and not another title to follow the Agents of Mayhem from 2017. A rumor says that a Saints Row film is being worked on under the inspection of Fate Of The Furious director, F. Gary Gray, so it is possible that Deep Silver would release a new Saints Row title when the movie will be launched.

The possibility to hear some news concerning the making of the future Saints Row 5 at E3 2019 in June will likely not increase.

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