Brawl Talk Reveals New Brawler and Retropolis – Update Soon To Come

A new Brawl Talk has been released on Sunday. Frank and Dani presented all the new things that will come in the next update, revealing a new Brawler, a new map and a lot more goodies related to Retropolis – the new area. Here’s everything you should expect to see in Brawl Stars in the coming days.

Expect to see a lot of leather jackets, fast cars, and neon lights!

New Epic Brawler – Bibi, the Dangerous Girl

This cool girl is Bibi, a dangerous girl with “her trusty baseball bat,” Frank saying that she’ll wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Special Game Mechanics and Tips

Bibi can swing her baseball bat three times, but if she doesn’t wear one, one extra bar will slowly charge, and when it gets full, the next swing will also know knock away enemies.

Bibi is an Epic Brawler and she will be available in the training cave as soon as the update goes live – check out Lex’ video to learn more about Bibi:

New Skins for Retropolis

Three new skins will be released with Retropolis: Hot Rod Brock, Rock Rage Carl, and Baking Sale Barley. As a shoutout to the second anniversary of the game’s soft launch in Canada, the Brawl Stars team also launches Maple Barley.

New Maps – Bull’s Diner

There will be a new environment for Gem Grab, Bounty, and Heist called Bull’s Diner. New community maps and classic maps will also be added.

Other Changes and New Additions

The update will also come with some Balance Changes, a new map object and Club mail, but the video didn’t say more about these.

Check out the Brawl Talk video below, and get back here for more updates as we’re keeping an eye on all the official patch news of the incoming update. We will soon return with more details in the next days since the update is bound to be released this week.

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