Final Fantasy VII Remastered Version Is Already Available To Download

Fans have long expected the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and it was finally announced last week, via a one-minute long teaser, since it has been first revealed in 2015. The short clip looked fabulous, coming with a brand new way of playing. This game is among the most loved titles of the last 25 years. However, if you’re impatient for the official release of FFVII Remake, you can now play a fan-made Final Fantasy VII Remastered version.

After a long period of anticipation and development hardships, the company behind the science fantasy game franchise, Square Enix, dropped the one-minute clip and also promised more to look forward to in June. The Final Fantasy VII Remake was first announced at the E3 2015, but the development went through some unknown-by-public issues. However, the game is back now with its action role-playing game combat and everything else.

Square has stated in the past that the upcoming Final Fantasy VII redo would be episodic, and after we’ve seen the short trailer, which is entirely consisting of scenes from the title’s first act, in Midgar, the statement might still stand. Final Fantasy VII looks like a brand new game. It appears to be more of a re-creation than a redo, coming with new character abilities and a few unique abilities. We hope it will roll out until 2025 at least.

Final Fantasy VII Remastered Version Is Now Playable, But It’s Not Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake

An already widely spread remastered beta version of the Final Fantasy VII which was made by a fan using machine learning automatically improved the quality of the game’s visuals is already online. The version got to version 1.0, and it will soon be released.

We selected a few cool stuff this modified version can do, and a few of its features such as the AI neural networks improved the Final Fantasy VII’s visuals to four times the resolution of the original game. Also, almost everything in the game has been upscaled, starting with combat screens to overall textures, environment backgrounds, and even the title’s previously delivered sequences.

The modified version works with every PC version of Final Fantasy VII, for instance, the Steam release, Square Enix Store launch, and even the CD-based standard version. You can download the fan-made Final Fantasy VII Remastered version from here.

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