Google Play Store 15.0.13 Update Available to Download with Bug Fixes and New Changes

Google is coming again with a new update on its Play Store application. The Google Play Store has received the latest update, version 15.0.13, and we have to discuss a little about it. The company has a thing for rolling out updates to its stock applications in a rapid series. But at the same time, Google isn’t coming with new features or new changes for the User Interface. The whole purpose is to fix bugs and improve performance for a better experience on Google applications. If you haven’t known, the Google Play Store had been updated a few days ago, and now, the company is rolling out another one.

The Google Play Store Update – 15.0.13

Update 15.0.13 is coming with significant improvements to the app performance because it has received a boost with this new update. So the result is a reduce app loading time, and you have the latest version of Google Play Protect. That means you have Google’s anti-malware system.

However, the update is bringing Material Design, Details Page, a new look for What’s New, fingerprint readers support, Uninstall Manager, Wearable sensors and activity data, and Enterprise apps support.  Also, some apps are updated with new Material Design, and even the app icon for the Play Store looks new and flatter.

Besides this, a subtle change in animations have been done, and some changes for the iconography. The What’s New section has been moved to the top, and the Widget Suggestion icons for the home screen are changed. Also, the notification icons for the status bar are changed as well, so Google has given attention to the little details as well.

Finally, do not get your hopes up, because the latest Google Play Store update, version 15.0.13, will be rolling out in the coming weeks for all Android users.

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