Clash Royale Available to Download with New Cards

Supercell Games has revealed a new update which brings a brand new card to the famous Clash Royale, The new card, the Goblin Cage, is a building card which, when placed on the battleground and destroyed, it unlocks a Goblin Brawler.

The Goblin Brawler is not the most powerful instrument for the game, but it can efficiently contribute an offensive counter-attack to help you in the combat. The Goblin Cage card is described as a rare card that comes at the price of four elixirs to use. The new card throws a building or prison structure with 800 health. The building disappears after 15 minutes or until the opponent side demolishes it.

When destroyed, a Goblin Brawler of level nine appears. The Goblin has deadly speed, and while its strength is not that impressive, it is still able to leave behind quite the damage if not being watched carefully. The Goblin is incredibly fast at attacking; however, he won’t swamp most singular troops, but he can reduce the tower health extremely fast.

The Goblin Cage doesn’t appear to be exceedingly subdued, but it makes an excellent job if played in the right circumstance. The card is incredibly good at driving away enemy troops from friendly towers, diverting Hog Riders, Giants or other units, sufficient enough so you can create a massive ravage to them. The building card is an efficient counter to the actual Prince meta as well, as it can dethrone the Prince and then persisting in confuse it in its unsteady kingdom with the Goblin Brawler.

The Goblin Brawler doesn’t help much in one-on-one combat. The card is most efficient if you use it to confuse an enemy troop with the Cage and lessen it with the Goblin Brawler that produces chaos and damage, arranging the counter-attack. This way, you can efficiently eliminate the opponent with the help of the new card.

If you do this the right way, the Goblin should still have some health left to destroy a few other towers or whatever the enemy fires at you.

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