Huawei Is Working On “Project Z,” Its Own Operating System To Replace Google’s Android

Since the Trump administration ordered Google to stop offering Android updates to Huawei, we now learned that the Chinese company started working on its own mobile operating system to replace Google’s Android on future Huawei smartphones.

The website The Information recently posted an article that gives us insight into what is happening with Huawei, and how it’s coping with the threat that it will soon be cut off from Android.

It seems that the codename for the OS development project is “Project Z”. Rumor has it that the Chinese company has actually been working on its own operating system for a few years now, ever since 2012’s US investigation of the company.

Richard Yu, the Executive Director and CEO of the Consumer Business Group of Huawei has previously stated that, in the eventuality of losing access to Android, the company will be prepared to release its own operating system. However, sources claim that “Project Z” is nowhere near being completed.

Huawei works on “Project Z,” a new operating system for Huawei smartphones to replace Android

The Information reported Huawei is not actually prepared to launch its own OS yet. However, the Chinese manufacturer is speeding up the developmental process after Google placed the restrictions.

Richard Yu did not seem very happy about the stage “Project Z” is in at the moment. Even more so since the US sanctions are forcing the company to release the OS as soon as possible. Huawei could be facing an extremely rough patch in its history. Let’s hope it will be able to recover from it successfully.

There have been rumors about Project Z before, although this is the first time its official name pops up on the internet. It was thought to be a backup plan for Huawei, but sources suggest the OS will be released in the domestic market, as Chinese smartphone manufacturers make the transition to 5G networks.

The new OS has some chances of being well received in China, but the Western market might not be too happy about it. Huawei will have to negotiate an agreement to keep Android running on their devices sold in Western countries. Huawei will only be able to keep their devices running on Android for another three months before their license gets officially revoked.

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