Mario Kart Tour, The Most Popular Nintendo Title, Seems A Promising Mobile Game

Mario Kart Tour is scheduled to be launched this summer after fans and players have been waiting from 2018. Mario Kart Tour is the best-known franchise regarding the racing series video games.

Also, it’s one of Nintendo best titles, and it’s suitable for smartphones because it’s hooking mobile players, it has the opportunity to make money from them, and it’s fit in terms of controls.

What Is Happening with Mario Kart Tour on Mobile?

If we look back, Mario Kart Tour was delayed once, so because of this thing, the investors are cautious, and the analysts have excluded the game from the profit estimates for this year. But the company has released one screenshot of the game, in which Bloomberg News has a place in the closed beta of the game.

The Mario Kart Tour beta was launched this Tuesday and take note that what you see in the beta or trial version will not fully be included in the final version of the game.

Impressions on Mario Kart Tour Beta

The Mario Kart Tour mobile game is giving the experience that you have on consoles. You will have sound, design, and polished graphics. All the controls have been simplified because it is a mobile game, played on a mobile screen so that you can play it with one hand.

Mario Kart Tour is designed in a more comfortable way for players. For example, the racers are moving forward automatically, you have to move the phone left or right to control directions. Of course, the favorite characters are added to the game, such as Mario, Luigi, and Larry Koopa.

Moreover, Mario Kart Tour Beta version comes with more content than Super Mario Run. The players will receive during the game a lot of new features. Each player can unlock around 50 courses, 20 karts, 30 drivers, and ten gliders. With each objective opened, players will receive bonus area, customization options, and progression levels. Also, the company can let people race other people in the game, but we must see if this will happen in the final version.

Finally, Nintendo hasn’t let this game to get away without the monetization. So the user will have a time limit after 15 minutes of gameplay, and if they want to play more, you have to pay to unlock. The loot boxes will be included as well, for the option of opening a wanted racer. Mario Kart Tour will be a hit game, well-built and with a lot of content, so both Nintendo and the players will have satisfaction.

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