Nostalgia Peaks With Mario Kart Tour

The Mario games are an important part of numerous childhoods. Even though years have passed, Mario games continue to be incredibly popular, and it appears that they haven’t forgotten the original players. Mario Kart Tour helps fans take a trip to the past and the game seems to celebrate the history of the series.

There are retro courses, and, in fact, this title is comprised entirely of them. Fans will get everything, from Rock Rock Mountain to Rainbow Road. Nintendo even explained that the goal of the company is to convince lapsed players to purchase the software and hardware.

There are 27 years of history and Mario Kart Tour manages to honor them. Seeing the Bowser Castle 1 from Super Circuit or the Mario Circuit from Super Mario Kart might convince many fans to purchase Mario Kart 8.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that you feel as if you are playing the old Mario Kart games. In fact, Mario Kart Tour comes with plenty of changes that make it a unique game. There are shorter races and you will drive with the help of the touchscreen. More than that, you will be playing against the ghosts of other players.

The mobile experience

This game will be a lot different compared to others in the series since it is a mobile game and it is made just for playing solo. This is truly revolutionary for Mario Kart since the multiplayer factor was one of the most well-known aspects of the games. However, this can also mean that the game will be a special experience. Mario Kart Tour brings some diversity to the series which was much needed. The game is a complex one and it comes with numerous unlockables which keep you hooked for a longer period of time.

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