E3 2019 Leak Revealed 20 Unannounced Nintendo Switch Games

E3 2019 is slowly approaching, which means that numerous PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One game unveils and announcements are inevitable. With that being said, some tech giants such as Sony, withdrawn from E3 this year, raising questions and leaving people wondering how many unveils and disclosures could appear during the event. However, according to a new E3 2019 leak, if it proves to be correct, there is still an abundance of announcements for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch players to look forward to.

The US-based video game merchandiser GameStop has allegedly unveiled 20 significant launches that will be disclosed for the Nintendo Switch at the upcoming E3 event. As said by the same leaker, who revealed just last weekend the all-new Ubisoft IP, GameStop’s internal database has adjoined its list SKU placeholders for over 20 Nintendo Switch titles.

Considering that this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, aka E3 2019, is just around the corner, these new reveals are probably related to it.

E3 2019 leak unveiled 20 unannounced Nintendo Switch games

What we did notice is that most of these games come with a placeholder price tag of $59.99, but three are priced $39.99, $49.99, and $89.99, and the pricier one goes to $199.99. The leaker states that the pricier one could be a ‘Premium Edition’ or probably even a pack.

Aside from this disclosure, other details regarding the plans of the competition are unveiled. Apparently, PlayStation 4 will have more than 20 title announcements on the way, and Xbox One has with a few less.

However, these games might not even be announced at E3 2019 or anytime soon, as a matter of fact. Even so, it appears that E3 is not going to be content-less as many people think. The fact that there are more PlayStation 4 titles in the system than Xbox One may imply that Xbox won’t be revealing any first-party or second-party games, but a substantial amount of the unveils coming this E3 will be third-party, and also a few Nintendo Switch exclusives here and there.

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