iPhone XR 2019 Update – New Color Versions and Leaked Camera

Apple’s iPhone XR is the most colorful smartphone among its lineup. The upcoming iPhone XR will apparently be as vivid as its predecessor, and it will come with camera and processor improvements as well. iPhone XR 2019’s leaked renders depict that the color versions of the device will be made accessible with its release.

Nowadays, leaks are harassing the mobile device industry, long before official announcements get to be made. For instance, Google’s Pixel 3a got leaked so much that it was dubbed ‘the most leaked phone of 2018.’ Also, the new iPhone XR design has already surfaced in the Canadian design renders that depicted how the new camera bump would look on the back of the phone. The leakers even uploaded a 360-degree video of the smartphone showing the new design updates.

The most recent leak that surfaced regarded the phone’s different case color variants. The first iPhone XR was launched with some vivid nuances such as bright yellow, blue, and a couple of other colors, but the leaked colors are more delicate and elegant.

If we were to believe the newest leaks regarding the phone’s case colors, the iPhone XR 2019 would feature more classic nuances such as black, silver, red, and gold. However, these are only speculations at the moment, and there is no way to know if the company will ditch the colors that made the smartphone line famous, to begin with. Moreover, lots of users have been purchasing iOS devices when Apple started to lower the prices of the XR lineup in several countries to increase sales.

Regarding the iPhone XR 2019’s camera, there’s a classy square bump on the rear side of the device, featuring two more cameras. The iPhone 11 will have three cameras on the back if we were to believe the leaks concerning it, and the cheaper version will feature two cameras. The thing is that in all the leaked renders so far, the device doesn’t seem to ditch the enormous notch anytime soon. It appears that all the other smartphone developers are getting rid of the notch design in favor of a punch-hole camera, just as the Pixel 4 is rumored to do.

If you are an iPhone user, but you want to get a smoother smartphone without the notch, you will most likely have to wait until Apple will release the new iPhone 12 which will come without the notch and will also feature 5G connectivity. The iPhone 12 is said to appear in 2020.

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