Apex Legends 1.2 Update Brings Significant Changes To The Gameplay

Apex Legends first limited time module, the Legendary Hunt is now rolling out together with Apex Elite Queue. The newest Apex Legends 1.2 update comes with numerous new event limited cosmetics, and with combat pass owners receiving two extra legendary skins, as well as with significant changes to the gameplay.

Along with the cosmetics, Apex Legends 1.2 update comes with enhanced upgrades and adjustments, and it appears that these changes will have a considerable impact on the gameplay. Regarding the map updates, modifications have been made to Kings Canyon, Apex Legends first and exclusive map. More precisely, there were made a few changes to loot placement in Thunderdome, The Pit, Repulsor and Shattered Forest.

The list of bug fixes and quality of life adjustments is long, but we’re only going to mention the most interesting ones. For instance, ‘bunny hopping,’ a motion trick that enabled players to travel faster can no longer be accessed when healing.

A bug fix that users are grateful for, more precisely the delay of the items appearing when looting a Death Box, has been lessened in Apex Legends 1.2 update. In addition, players cannot modify game files to gain a competitive advantage anymore.

Apex Legends 1.2 brings lost of changes, including bug fixes and gameplay improvements

Besides the quality of life adjustments in the new patch, there are also a few minor balancing changes for Mirage, Caustic, Pathfinder, and the ziplines. The bug which made cloaked Mirage noticeable has been fixed. Mirage’s ultimate move sends a bunch of decoys and enables him to quickly escape while being cloaked, but he is quite easy to notice. It has been found, however, that the reason he was so easy to be seen was because of a glitch.

Another change concerns Caustic, whose barrels can now be provoked or disabled by teammates. Taking into account the fact that Caustic isn’t quite the strongest of legends, players are not sure why Respawn, the game developer and publisher, wanted to make this adjustment. In any case, Caustic players might not be happy about this change.

Pathfinder’s Grapple now comes with a blue crosshair sign that will show up when the Grapple is in an area of objects that can connect to. This is a quality of life adjustment that Pathfinder players have asked for ever since the game has launched. The new Apex Legends 1.2 update has now implemented a 0.5-second cooldown before players can reuse the last zip line they were on. Moreover, grappling a zip line now takes players underneath the zip line, and not above it.

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