League of Legends ‘Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 7’ – Champions Targeted For Updates and More

What is Riot preparing for champions or items in the future? Thanks to the Dev Corner post “Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 7” from the Design Director RiotMeddler, we learn more about their plans for the future. So far, among other works for the likes of Pantheon or the incoming reworked Mordekaiser, we’ll get to see more of Zac, Shen, and some changes to the support items.

Now, before we get to see the updates, remember that these projects may be delayed or stopped, depending on the feedback they get from testing.

Refining Zac’s Ultimate

Zac’s R will certainly be pushed to 9.12, as well some buffs to his power and blob regeneration for each bounce.

“Also looking to get VO lines back in that used to play with his ult, not sure on exact timing on those yet though.”

Shen’s Q Getting Fixed

“We’ve got a fix for Shen not triggering Hail of Blades on Q empowered AAs in 9.12.”

The Loading Screen Chat Deprioritized

Earlier this year, the Riot team talked about the loading screen chat. They haven’t started working on it yet and will be left for later and focus on other projects that they will soon reveal:

“It’s something we’d still like to do at some point, conclusion was that the Client and UI engineering time needed for it would be better spent elsewhere right now though.”

Changes Incoming to Support Items

Support items will continue to be improved and should ship in preseason. Earlier, some of them were tweaked to not be viable in other positions, explained Meddler:

“Our goal at the time was to then do some further work, find better long term improvements to those items in general. That work has shown some promise.”

Other Game Modes!

A recent poll on League of Legends’ social media was asking players what game mode they wanted to play again. However, apart from the non-permanent game modes, the Riot team is also looking into Nexus Blitz, ARURF, ARAM, and TT. Meddler stated in his post that we should hear about the way they will approach non SR game modes next month, “including when the non permanent ones will next be available.”

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