E3 2019 – Here Are The Most Expected Games Confirmed To Be Present At E3

The highly expected E3 2019 already started, but the most significant announcements are just about to come. This year, E3 is going to be quite a different show than fans are used to. But we know one thing for sure, namely Xbox fans will have quite a lot to look forward to. Huge titles such as Gears 5, Halo Infinite, Borderlands 3, and many others are most probably going to be unveiled.
To know what to anticipate, we put together a few of the biggest Xbox games confirmed to be unveiled at the E3 2019.

Most expected games confirmed to show up at E3​ 2019

Apex Legends

Apex Legend invaded the battle royale scene back in February when it made an incredible impression, shortly being in the center of attention, with even Fortnite taking a step back. However, after the enormous impact, Apex slowed down some dull first three-month content season and a few technical problems its developer, Respawn, is still working on solving.

Apex’s second content season will start with E3, and fans see another chance for the title. Players can expect at least an additional character, and a brand new gun, with rumors and leaks implying that numerous other changes will be implemented with this new season.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is among the most waited, also long-waited edition that many fans have been expected. The new Borderlands is a continued tradition of the series, allowing you to to use peculiar guns to collect even more weapons. As of today, there were only two of four new characters unveiled: Amarah the Siren and Zane the Operative. E3 1029 is a perfect moment to reveal the rest of the Vault Hunters and the various changes and details of the game.

​Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

Activision and Infinity Ward unveiled all sorts of details about the upcoming Call of Duty before E3. This year’s title is going to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it will support cross-play between Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Also, Call of Duty is going to be giving for free all multiplayer maps released after the game’s rollout on October the 25th.

​More details of the game will most likely be presented at E3 2019.


Control was one of the dazzling reveals at E3 2018. The game is impressive, with its complicated world, resembling fragments and pieces of Remedy’s earlier supernatural-tinged titles.​ The lead character, Jesse, has some kind of superhero-like powers, for instance, the ability to slide in the air and manipulate the world around with her mind.

Control looks bizarre, abundant of unusual sights and unexpected bombshells. Its launch is a few months away, and it’s sure to be announced for the last time at E3 before its release.

Doom Eternal

When Bethesda announced a successor to the 2016 Doom, people weren’t too surprised. Doom Eternal is at them moment being worked on for almost all the modern platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Stadia.

There isn’t much we know about the Doom Eternal. However, a surprising addition to the game is invasions from other gamers online in the shape of demons. ​The feature will be optional, but it is feature players look forward to for when the game will roll out later this year.

Halo: Infinite

Since its unveiling at E3 2018, there weren’t many details surfaced on the web regarding the game. Halo Infinite will come with the local split-screen, a feature may players have actively asked for in the new title for years. We know that the game director Chris Lee will be present at the E3 2019 and will talk about the Halo Infinite.

Gears 5

Besides Halo: Infinite, Gears 5 might be the huge new game Microsoft has prepared. The company hasn’t revealed much about the game since its unveiling at E3 2018. Like its predecessor, it’s being created by The Coalition, which has kept quite quiet about the upcoming title. Microsoft has, however, announced that multiplayer footage is scheduled to appear as part of its new series. Hopefully, we will find more details about Gears 5’s narrative and composition at E3 2019.

The Sinking City

The Sinking City is the most recent development of Frogwares, a game studio that’s known for its work on the iconic Sherlock Holmes adventure game. Charles Reed, a troubled WW1 veteran and private investigator, is the playable character. He travels to find a cure for this continual hallucinations, investigating crimes, and navigating stiff social issues in the flooded city of Oakmont, Massachusetts during the 1920s. The game will roll out in June the 27th, 2019.

Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft’s latest game is part of the studio’s open world franchise. After a retail leak, Ubisoft confirmed the game on its Twitter page. As said in an Amazon U.K. product description, Watch Dogs Legion will take place in a dystopian version of London, having the impressive ability such as playing any NPC you encounter in the gameplay. There are still a lot of details to know about the game, and Ubisoft has confirmed to be present at E3 2019 where will share more information on Watch Dogs Legion.

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