Bethesda’s Orion Cloud Gaming Solution Can Be Tested Later This Year

Bethesda unveiled at the E3 2019 press conference a new software platform that is expected to enhance cloud gaming efficiency significantly. The new platform, dubbed Orion, could be linked to a broad diversity of games from various game streaming services.

Bethesda presented its Orion cloud gaming software at E3 2019

The company stated that it would offer players a higher-quality experience that is available on low internet speeds, and it’s giving a limited beta trial sometime this year.

Bethesda software revealed the news at the E3 show in Los Angeles, where cloud gaming advertisement is fierce. Besides other services, Google just announced the pricing and launch date for its Stadia game streaming system, and Microsoft revealed details on its xCloud platform.

Orion is expected to complement these types of services, allegedly. Bethesda director of publishing James Altman said that the system can be incorporated into any gaming engine, and it can be utilized with any streaming platform to offer an enhanced experience for any client playing that game on that platform.

What would Bethesda’s Orion bring?

Orion functions by assigning some processing tasks to the game engine on-site, instead of performing them as they are sent to the player over the internet.

The company states that enabling just one of numerous Orion features cuts the bandwidth that’s demanded a high-quality streaming experience by 40 percent. It also allegedly lowers the time it needs to encode a frame of a video by 30 percent and cuts the computer work that’s required by 20 percent.

Bethesda didn’t mention how much enabling all Orion features would enhance a stream, even though Altman says that different types of games will benefit from various functions.

The Orion platform would be tested later this year

In theory, Orion lessens some of the most significant issues regarding cloud gaming. It could reduce the minimum internet speed for a platform such as Stadia, which at the moment requires a 15Mpbs connection.

It could make the physical distance from a server not so important so that services could use lesser data centers. This is great for companies that don’t have such enormous resources as Google or Sony do.

The Orion test of this year is being operated independently, not in collaboration with any current streaming service. Users will be able to play the 2016 game Doom at 60 frames per second in 4K resolution; they can join the test by registering for Bethesda’s Doom Slayers Club.

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