Easy Tips and Tricks for Mafia 3

easy tips and tricks for mafia 3

If you are a new gamer on Mafia III, here are some tips and tricks for you.

Mafia III is an epic game, with a thrilling crime-themed gameplay. However, like all games, the game could be a bit difficult for beginners, as you’d be tasked with managing underbosses and associates, while also striving to stay alive – away from the grasp of rival mobsters – in your quest for revenge.

In any case, we’ll be showing you what to do at vital points in the game.

Tips and Tricks for Mafia 3

#1 Make money by hacking junction boxes: To achieve this, you’d need three fuses to create a wiretap for each junctionbox you wish to hack. These fuses are littered around with identifiable marks.

#2 Do not waste scarce resources on Tac vests and adrenaline shots. You can easily get them for free at designated locations.

#3 Spend more money on upgrades (to upgrade vehicles and weapons), before spending on any other thing.

#4 Treat your underbosses fairly; to maintain their trust and loyalty (for you). This is one of the most effective ways to make money (and make progress) in the game. However, to keep your underbosses happy, you’d have to assign districts to them, depending on their respective preferences.

#5 Repair your vehicle by driving into a friendly territory; to collect kickbacks or secure new missions.

#6 Before you attack and take over a racket, minimize resistance by neutralizing the enforcers, before launching an head-on assault on the racket.

#7 Deposit your money at Sammy’s Bar. This way, you never lose your money, even when you die.

#8 Use your associates to execute side tasks. Your associates are automatically upgraded, as your underbosses make more money. So, enrich your underbosses; upgrade your associates.

#9 Take note of items or locations with blue/green markers. Such locations/items usually indicate collectables like money, magazines or fuses (for creating wiretaps to unlock junctionboxes).

#10 When on a side mission, ensure you spare racket bosses and informants. This way, you can recruit the spared racket bosses to improve your wealth profile and those of your underbosses.

#11 Strengthen your underbosses’ trust and loyalty by making sure their mission are completed in due time, with apt precision.

Know of any other trick(s) or tip(s)? Kindly share with us in the comments section below.

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