League of Legends Teamfight Tactics: Champions, Items, Classes And More

League of Legends will have a new game mode called Teamfight Tactics that will be released with patch 9.13 on June 25. Before we get to check it in 9.13 PBE on June 18, let’s see some details about what champions and items will be added to this game mode.

Teamfight Tactics: Champions – Origins, Classes, Cost

Champions can cost from 1 to 5 and each one is part of an Origin and a Class. For example, Aatrox is a Demon (Origin) and Blademaster (Class).

There are 13 Origins:

  • Demon: burn % enemy’s mana and deal that much true damage
  • Dragon: immune to Magic damage
  • Exile: If the exile has no adjacent allies at the start of combat, he gains a shield
  • Glacial: they have a % chance to stun
  • Imperial: Imperials deal double damage
  • Noble: Grants bonus armor and heal per attack to one random ally (or all allies – depending on the cost of the champion)
  • Ninja: When you have 1 or 4 ninjas are the board, they all gain % attack damage
  • Pirate: Earn up to 4 extra gold per turn
  • Phantom: Curses random enemy, setting his HP to 100 when the combat starts
  • Robot: Robots begin the combat at full mana
  • Void: Basic attacks will ignore % of enemy armor
  • Wilds: Gain attack speed up to 5 stacks, by generating Fury
  • Yordles: attacks against Yordles have a % chance to miss.

There are 10 Classes:

  • Assassin: gain % critical strike damage
  • Blademaster: has the chance to have extra attack(s)
  • Brawler: bonus max HP
  • Elementalist: can summon an elemental at the start of combat
  • Guardian: when the combat starts, all Guardians and adjacent allies get + armor.

  • Gunslinger: has the chance to fire extra shot(s)
  • Knight: can block damage from basic attacks
  • Ranger: gain % chance to double attack speed when attacking
  • Shapeshifter: gain bonus HP when transformed
  • Sorcerer: Allies gain % spell damage

Basic Items and Combinations

There are 8 basic items: B.F. Sword, Chain Vest: Armor, Giant’s Belt, Magic Dust, Needlessly Large Rod,  Negatron Cloak, Recurve Bow, and Tear of the Goddess.

The list of combinations is very big, containing over 30 items, but you can check them along with the full list of 50 champions and their Origin, Class and Cost on tftactics. They also have a page that will soon be updated with tier lists and a team builder page.

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