League of Legends 9.13 PBE: Akali, Syndra, Karma, Sona And More Champions To Go Through Balance Changes

The latest balance changes for 9.13 in League of Legends’ PBE have targeted Illaoi, Udyr, Malphite, Pyke, Wukong, Qiyana, and we also saw a last minute change for Akali’s abilities to make her more threatening and less slippery. Let’s see how playtesting went today for Akali and the champions mentioned above.

Below, we’ll take a look at the balance changes introduced today in PBE. If you also want to see the other changes in 9.13 PBE, head over to this page.

League of Legends 9.13 PBE Balance Changes


Update 2:15 PM (ET): new changelist for Akali to be tested (Riot Repertoir):

Passive damage might be tweaked, said Riot Repertoir in his Twitter post, where he provided Akali’s changelist:

Passive – Assassin’s Mark

  • Movement speed changed to:

– “while within circle” from “while running away from champions without weapon primed”

– “while running toward champions with weapon primed for the entire duration” from “while running toward champions with weapon primed for the first 2 seconds”

  • [NEW]: Akali maintains the movement speed buff when she primes her weapon regardless of direction
  • Movement speed lowered to 40% from 40/50/60/70% (at 1/6/11/16 levels)
  • Damage changed to [0 (+50% tAD) (+35% AP)] – from [39-180 (+60% bAD) (+50% AP)]
  • Energy restore increased to 40 at all levels from 10/15/20

Q – Five Point Strike

  • Cooldown increased to 3 seconds from 1.5
  • Energy cost increased to 120/110/100/90/80 from 100/95/90/85/80

W – Twilight Shroud

  • Cooldown changed to 20 seconds from 25/22/19/16/13
  • Energy restore increased to 100 from 40/50/60/70/80
  • [REMOVED]: Shroud Duration extension

E – Shuriken Flip

  • Missile damage lowered to [50/75/100/125/150 (+70% tAD) (+40%AP)] – from [70/105/140/175/210 (+70% bAD)]
  • Dash damage lowered to [50/75/100/125/150 (+70% tAD) (+40%AP)] – from [50/80/110/140/170 9+140% bAD)].
  • Energy cost increased to 60 from 30
  • Cooldown increased to 18/16/14/12/10 seconds from 16/14.5/13/11.5/10
  • [REMOVED]: Hits Twilight Shroud (W)

R – Perfect Execution

  • NEW Effect: First dash will now have to target a unit, and will not be a direction-targeted dash – it will damage one enemy, not all those that were hit
  • First dash damage lowered to 80/120/160 (+50% bAD) from 85/150/215 (+50% bAD)
  • First dash range increased to 875 units (575 click range + up to 300 over target) – from 575
  • Second dash base damage changed to 80/120/160 (+50% AP) from 85/150/215 (+30% AP)
  • Recast timer lowered to 1 second from 2.5 seconds.


The following changelist provided by RiotKingCobra will probably be different later this week (values are subject to change):

P – Ravenous Flock

  • [REMOVED]: No longer store 5 Soul Fragments to empower R2
  • [NEW]: Enemies that have their Soul Fragment ripped from them have reduced Magic Resistance by 15% for 4 seconds. Damaging an enemy will refresh the duration

R – Demonic Ascension

  • [NEW]: Swain drains all units within the radius
  • Minion and monster damage reduction increased to 90% from 80%
  • Health threshold to Cast R2 increased to 150/350/500 (based on level) health – from 125/300/450

R2 – Demonflare

  • [REMOVED]: will not deal damage per Soul Fragment anymore
  • [NEW]: Demonflare Damage 125/225/325 (+115% AP)
  • [NEW]: Swain can drain from invisible units


Apart from other changes we’ve seen here, Illaoi also has a few more changes:

E – Test of Spirit

  • Duration of spirit lowered to 7 – from 8 (Live duration value: 10)
  • Vessel duration lowered to 10 – from 12


Sylas, Syndra, Ornn, Tristana, Leona and Randuins Omen

Context on the Sylas changes, from game designer Squad5lol:


Sejuani, Karma, Sivir, Sona and Essence Reaver

Context on Karma nerf:

“Deciding between reverting the MS duration buffs on E or taking down AD/AD per level. (likely just reverting the MS duration buff from last patch tho)” RiotJatt

Context on Sona nerf:

“Ap ratio focused” MarkYetter

Context on Sejuani nerf:

– A partial revert of the 9.8 buff

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