League of Legends ‘Riot Pls’ Highlights: Client Revamp, 2FA, Death Recap Update and More

The last time we had a Client revamp was two years ago after the Legacy client was retired. Many League players cried, others rejoiced, being eager to see the new features that would show up and let’s say it was received with some mixed feelings, but with such a huge playerbase it’s always difficult to please everybody.

Now, two years after the revamp, Lead Producer New001 has some news for us: the client will be revamped, and that’s not all!

Here are the highlights of this year’s ‘Riot Pls’ – Teamfight Tactics, Client Revamp, New Death Recap, and Clash. Let’s check out a few of them in this short summary, and if you haven’t seen the video yet, you’ll find it below.

The Client Revamp – New Login Features

The client performance will be improved, and work has already started.

Joseph “New001” Tung explained that the Client would be upgraded to a newer version of Chromium. Now that they have deprecated support for Windows XP, the client will be upgraded to a modern version of Chromium, improving things like loading times and general performance.

While the old patcher took around 8 minutes to update League of Legends, the new one patcher should take less than 40 seconds.

Two-Factor authentication will also be added to the client, and there will also be an option always to stay signed in.

Another feature to be added to the client will be the ability to patch in the background, and until you sign in and get ready to play, the patch should already be downloaded.

New Comprehensive Death Recap

The Death Recap will also be updated in League of Legends. This is good news, considering Riot hasn’t touched death recap since season 3! Riot will remake it to look more clean, comprehensive, and deliver accurate values. Here’s how it looks:

There will also be a new sign-in flow for League of Legends – some of the users in PBE might have noticed it already. It will make its way into Live “throughout the year,” said New001.

Teamfight Tactics and Little Legends

Teamfight Tactics will be added in Patch 9.13 and it is now being tested and tweaked PBE. The autobattler genre has taken Twitch by storm and PBE login queues are insane! We will also get to see our Little Legends in ARAM and probably in SR in the future!

The great news is that the death recap and the new client will come to the Public Beta Environment in the next patch – we should see it in 9.14 PBE and if things go as planned, the death recap will go live with Patch 9.14.

Head over to our League of Legends page to stay up to date with all things LoL.

Check out the 8-minute long Riot Pls video here:

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