League of Legends’ Teamfight Tactics Has Taken Over Twitch

Riot was inspired to create their own version of Auto Chess with League of Legends champions and items and a few more unique features that should set them apart from DOTA Auto Chess.

Earlier this year, the DOTA 2 mod was very popular on Steam, and then Valve announced their version called DOTA Underlords. In short, the auto-battler game has players spend an amount of gold to recruit heroes, they place them strategically on the board and combine them with copies of the heroes to increase their powers. The game is played in rounds until the last player is left standing.

Teamfight Tactics Takes Over Twitch

Now Riot is making Teamfight Tactics, an Auto Chess mode that will be permanent in the Live game client.

Teamfight Tactics was released to the 9.13 PBE client on June 18. Not many PBE players were able to try out the game because of queues that went over 17 hours and crashed the client in the last minutes – been there, had that. I’m one of the lucky ones that couldn’t enter PBE since TFT was added into the Beta client. However, those that were able to do it were the developers and a lot of streamers.

The alternative to seeing everything about TFT was to either read guides (we have a TFT page here with many TFT facts, lists and so on), or to go to Twitch.

Talking about Twitch, guess what just took the streaming site by storm. Yes, it is Teamfight Tactics, resting there at the top of Twitch with over 83K viewers (at the time of writing) and nearly 40K followers. TFT is right behind League of Legends which is still no1 with 93K viewers, and Fortnite lagging behind on the 3rd spot with only 70k viewers.

We’re not surprised TFT is at the top with League of Legends, but considering it’s just a mod, it’s still is something. Moreover, TFT has surpassed DOTA Auto Chess by a lot more, considering that in the first day TFT being launched in PBE, it got 200,000+ viewers, while Auto Chess only had 65,000 concurrent viewers when it was launched.

Nonetheless, Valve’s Dota Underlords will become available this week, so we’ll have to wait and see how popular TFT will be next week when it will go live with the 9.13 Patch (on June 25).

TFT Plays: Theorycrafting and Playtesting in 9.13 PBE

Head over to Twitch and check out DisguisedToast’s video that should help you learn a bit of TFT before it goes live. There’s a good video from the first day, showing playtesting and explaining a few basic facts and strategy tricks. You’ll notice the video has 14 hours – but it’s filled with strategies and a lot of tips that should help any beginner.

As for TFT, although it’s said to be a new permanent game mode, the common opinion is that it might become a separate game, plus it could easily become a mobile game in the future, and Riot didn’t deny that they are taking this idea into consideration.

Check our TFT page for more news, updates and guides. Get ready to see TFT released in the live client during patch 9.13 – it will either be launched on June 25 (or by the end of the month if there are issues).

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