Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Released Without the Adventure Sync Feature

The Adventure Sync feature, made by Niantic, is missing in the new Harry Potter game.

This fact doesn’t surprise you? It should; if you are a fan of Pokémon Go game, you will surely want to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The new game from Niantic and Warner Bros. was released earlier in Australia and New Zealand and is now available for download and play in the US and UK. Wizards Unite has so many things in common with Pokémon Go. The developers, though, put in the new game more content than Pokémon Go had when it launched. So, yes, you will want to play as the stories are very similar; the only difference is the fact that the Adventure Sync feature, present in Pokémon Go, is missing in Wizards Unite.

What is this Adventure Sync feature does?

The Adventure Sync mode appeared for Pokémon Go in October, last year, and it is metering the distance you make by walking, while the app is in the background of your device, running. This feature was highly appreciated for reducing the consumption of the battery and for making life easier for the players as they were able to hatch Eggs without opening the game when they were walking on the street.

With that in mind, imagine how easy it would be if this Adventure Sync feature would be on for Wizards Unite in which we can find its version of Eggs in Portkeys. Once you complete the distance required, the Portkeys are there to take you to a Wizarding World location. Have you imagined it? Good, because this feature is not on and you do have to keep the game open the whole time you are walking for it to count the distance made by you.

There is still hope, as Wizards Unite is a newly released game though and we do remember the Pokémon Go receiving Adventure Sync two years after its release.

Despite the thing where you have to keep your game open to activate the Portkeys you find, these Portkeys are not all the game has to offer, as the game has a Profession system, which is there for you, helping you to improve yourself along with the game with perks and abilities.

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