Best Upcoming Online Games in 2020

Online games evolved a lot in the past decade, with titles ranging in genre from shooters to MMORPG. The industry tends to bet on the online gaming. Moreover, now, we have everything online, from top legal online casinos in America and cloud gaming services to entertainment and productivity applications.

The gaming industry, for its part, is continuously evolving. In this article, we’ll talk about the best upcoming online games in 2020. Even though there are dozens of titles promised to surface this year, we will only show you the most sought-after games.

Best Upcoming Online Games in 2020

New World MMO

This title would be the first MMO production of the Amazon Game Studios. The game was officially presented at 2019 Game Awards via a trailer. New World MMO should launch this year, in May.

The game is set in Colonial America of the 17th century, in an alternate reality. Magic is the basis of the title, and players would be free to explore the in-game world and play the game as they want. It would be interesting to see how the fans of the genre will receive New World MMO.

Magic Legends (formerly Magic The Gathering)

Magic: The Gathering is a popular card game introduced in 1993. Of course, video game developers couldn’t stay too far from this one, and, in 1997, they saw an opportunity to bring the board game into the gaming industry.

Since 1997, there have been 15 titles and spinoffs released in the series. The 16th installment would be Magic Legends MMORPG. The game will sport five playable classes, exciting combat gameplay, and lots more. The title should launch soon, so keep an eye on news regarding it.

EVE Echoes

If you know about EVE Online, then you might enjoy the news that EVE Echoes will launch this year, most likely. This title is the mobile variant of the original game, and it promises to be one of the top games on Android and iOS. Currently, EVE Echoes is in its Open Beta version, so it might hit the market soon.

EVE Echoes would come as a next-gen spaceship-related massive multiplayer online game. It will feature the gameplay of EVE Echo, allowing the players to explore the vastitude of the space and also to team up with others in alliances in their path to victory.

The Bottom Lines

Even though there are dozens of other MMOs and MMORPGs promised for this year, we believe the three mentioned above are noteworthy. If you have any other mentions to make, feel free to share those with us in the comments section.

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