The New ‘Survivor Legacy’ Game Embarks Players in a Dangerous Journey to Save the Earth

When the world has to deal with a tremendous scourge that is threatening all life forms, it takes severe measures to fix the problem, and the ‘Survivor Legacy‘ game presents such a scenario very well. It’s only up to you, the player, to bring peace back to Earth once again. Although we’re only talking about a video game, it can be used as a good training if similar situations will occur in real life. ‘Survivor Legacy’ is a new video game released this month, and developed by GameHollywood. The game assures tons of exciting gameplay.

Survivor Legacy‘ includes numerous spooky and savage characters, and you have plenty of options to choose from. Your mission in the game is regular among survival games, but the characters are horrendous. You were sent away from the planet to find useful resources, but the alarm was raised about a terrifying danger threatening all life on our beloved Earth. You have to save the planet from the danger of extinction. Simple!

The characters of this game are very unique. From deadly clowns to a girl using a sniper, the characters of Survivor Legacy are assuring tons of hours of exciting gameplay. Let’s take a better look at what some of the characters are capable of:

Rocky, The Crazy Sergeant

Class: S

Type: Grenadier

This guy has the strength and courage of a lion. He has been in the army as a soldier, but he needed again the thrill of engaging in deadly battles. Rocky doesn’t like to fool around and his only way of solving things is by sheer violence.


Class: S

Type: Commando

Akila has an exoskeleton armor that protects his body, and brings great mobility. He may look thin, but he can be terrifying in battles.

The Lethal Puppeteer


Class: S

Type: Vanguard

Just who doesn’t love to see a dangerous chick capable of punishing the naughty boys in extreme ways? This girl is known to be both intelligent and fatal. No matter how much you enjoy the feminine presence, this gal is one that you can’t mess with.

Rick, The Axe of Destruction

Class: B

Type: Vanguard

Although he’s blindfolded, he somehow knows where his opponents are and how to demolish them very efficiently. Rick plays with his axe of destruction in very deadly ways and has no mercy. And if somebody steals his axe, the guy isn’t less deadly while using just his fists.

Jonathan, The Explosives Artist

Class: B

Type: Grenadier

As you might have already guessed, Jonathan doesn’t have a hobby of giving flowers to girls. Instead, he likes to blow things up without remorse and seeking forgiveness. You should definitely stay away from him.

Remember that Survivor Legacy is the kind of game where death is awaiting you at every step you take. so you should join the action only If you have what it takes.

The other characters:

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