Honor wants to become the largest phone brand in China. He is in talks with Qualcomm

The sale of the Honor brand has just been announced for a few weeks and movements are already starting on the smartphone market in China. It seems that the processor manufacturer Qualcomm is already in talks with the new Honor representatives, in order to sell chipsets to the company. According to the latest information, the plan is to transform this brand from the secondary one in Huawei’s portfolio, which offered cheaper alternatives, to the largest brand on the Chinese market.

Honor will surpass Huawei in China, says the company’s CEO

These statements come from Zhao Ming, CEO of Honor, who says his ambitions are to turn Honor into China’s largest mobile device brand, while confirming that the strategy will be multiple. Yes, smartphones will probably be the most important devices in his portfolio, but many more devices will appear under this name in other fields. I had already seen in recent years the desire to expand the selection of products, with new products in the category of wearables and even laptops, similar to those from Huawei.

The advantage that Honor has now, after the sale, is that it is no longer under the limitations imposed by the American government on Huawei. Honor, as an entity independent of the parent company, can now do business with other companies. There is already a partnership with MediaTek, with some of the company’s latest smartphones being equipped with such chipsets, and now Qualcomm is paving the way for. It would not be out of the ordinary to expect in 2021 an Honor flagship equipped with a Snapdragon 888 chipset, the newly announced high-end model of the American manufacturer.

The next series of high-end phones from the Honor brand, V40, will be developed using MediaTek Dimensity solutions, the 7nm processors of the Taiwanese microprocessor manufacturer.

Even though there has been talk of “conquering” the Chinese market, Honor models could be successful in the West as well, as they will not be limited to using Huawei Mobile Services, as in the last two years. These devices will be able to license Google services, as well as those of other manufacturers.

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