5 Rules to Keep in Mind While Playing Solitaire Card Games

Solitaire is the perfect game to play when you need to have a relaxed and calm mind. The famous card game gets you rid of the competition stress, as it allows you to compete only with yourself. That’s precisely the aspect that makes Solitaire insanely-addictive, and Microsoft announces a staggering number of over 35 million players each month. The great actor Tom Hanks revealed that Solitaire became so addictive for him that it made him forget about many of the important stuff he had to do.

You can get the chance to play Solitaire in many versions across the internet with most popular being Spider Solitaire. But even so, you’ll still need to take a while to learn all the necessary moves for the famous card game. You can play Solitaire both by the software version or with physical cards, but we recommend the first option.

Play the Ace or Two

Play an Ace or Two every time you reveal them from the stockpile. Instead of drawing more cards from that stockpile, it’s a great idea to play the aforementioned cards.

Keep colour in mind when filling a space

You should choose a red or black king to complete an empty spot. That’ll dictate the colour order for the pile and the rest of the game.

Uncover hidden cards from the tableau columns

You may have hidden cards; it’s completely normal. You can move cards around until you locate the perfect places for holding and grabbing the desired card.

Don’t empty spots without kings

Emptying tableau spots just to remove all the cards from the slot is a huge mistake, but we know the solution. If you don’t have a King to put into the spot, space must remain empty. This move will block off an entire column of play until you can reveal a King from other cards.

Start a new tableau column from empty space by using a king

You may use all your available cards in one of the piles. In that case, it’s a good idea to place a king in the empty space.

Solitaire remains one of the oldest card games ever known. The game also comes in different names – if in America its common name is simply ‘Solitaire’, in the UK it’s known as ‘Patience’.

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