Ford cars can alert you via smartphone when they detect an attempt to steal

Ford is introducing a new intelligent safety system for its cars, which connects to the company’s mobile application. Thus, drivers will be able to activate SecuriAlert to receive real-time notifications on the phone in case the car is in danger. This system replaces the Guard Mode, previously used, and offers quick notifications for all kinds of situations, especially if someone tries to access the interior or even leave by car.

Ford integrates the SecuriAlert protection system on its new cars

SecuriAlert can be activated from the Ford mobile app when you leave the car. Thus, any action will then be reported through notifications on the smartphone. For example, if someone tries the door handle, or even if the car is open with a key, the owner will at any time what happens. This is possible due to the fact that the machines equipped with SecuriAlert also integrate a modem and network antennas, through which they are connected to the internet.

Ford says that this system is preferable to a classic alarm, as it also notifies you when the car is parked somewhere where the alarm cannot be heard. Also, most people are already used to alarms and tend to ignore them. In general, alarms are useful to scare off possible wheel thieves or other components, but they do not prevent the actual theft of the car. With real-time information about the status of the car, you can act quickly if someone tries to leave the car with a cloned key, for example.


In order not to be notified even when the owner uses the car, it is necessary to deactivate the manual system from the mobile application. The presentation clip above explains quite simply how SecuriAlert works.

Such features are becoming more common on cars, including companies such as Tesla integrating the so-called “Guard Mode”, which uses motion sensors and on-board cameras to film various incidents that could occur in the parking lot in the absence of the owner.

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