Rally Fury – Extreme Racing 1.107 APK Update Adds New Challenge Levels

Rally Fury – Extreme Racing is a popular rally racing game that has over 100 million downloads. It’s available on mobile devices, and it offers a thrilling experience with both single-player and multiplayer opportunities.

As a player in Rally Fury, you can drift around corners, earn nitro boosts, and also leave your opponents behind as you race online with players worldwide. You can also test your skills in 100+ single-player events on different terrains, customize your desired vehicle with various options, and even upgrade its performance.

Rally Fury – Extreme Racing 1.107 APK has arrived

The new Rally Fury – Extreme Racing 1.107 APK update is available now for those willing to download and use it on Android-based phones. In fact, the update is even compatible with phones that still run on Android 4.4, if there are still any.

The new APK update for Rally Fury brings a series of new challenge levels, and it seems that someone doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. There aren’t any details about what exactly those challenge levels mean, which means that if you’re one of the game’s fans, you’ll just have to find out for yourself!

The download size for the new update is 143.66MB, which means that it’s practically nothing for most smartphones out there. The download size of the game itself, by comparison, reaches only a bit more: 147MB.

In Rally Fury, you can even choose your preferred controls, enjoy gamepad support, and also play on Android TV. Your progress won’t disappear in vain, as you can save it with cloud save and explore the exciting features of this racing game.

Just in case you want a good racing game and Rally Fury fails to conquer your heart, it’s important to keep in mind that there are plenty of alternatives out there for mobile phones. Asphalt Extreme is one great example.

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