Gold Rush Star ‘Dakota’ Fred Hurt Passed Away at 80

The death of gold miner “Dakota” Fred Hurt, who was 80 years old and who appeared in the initial seasons of the Discovery reality show Gold Rush before getting his own spinoff, Gold Rush: White Water, was announced. Hurt should’ve gone on with his career, keeping its extraordinary pace and devotion!

Hurt, an experienced miner, made his television debut in the first season of Gold Rush, which premiered on Discovery way back in 2010. Due to the fact that Hurt was originally from North Dakota, he and his son Dustin, who was also a miner, earned the nickname “the Dakota boys” as they vied with other miners in Alaska and the Klondike area of Canada for the title of finding the most gold. Their story and lifestyle were definitely an inspiration!

However, Fred had been battling cancer for a considerable amount of time. His family sent a statement to the media in which they announced the unfortunate event:

Dakota’ Fred Hurt passed away this morning surrounded by family. He fought courageously in his battle against cancer. Fred touched many lives and was loved and supported by many.

After the conclusion of Season 4, Hurt and his son departed the program, but they made their return in 2018 with the intriguing spinoff dubbed Gold Rush: White Water. In it, Hurt and Dustin traveled to Alaska with the intention of panning for gold in whitewater basins located at the foot of waterfalls. The conclusion of the sixth season of the spinoff series was shown just a few weeks ago. The show has been on the air for a total of six seasons.

The Dakota brothers played a significant role in the first four seasons of Gold Rush, which helped the show become a smash for Discovery and continue on for a total of 13 seasons and continuing.

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