Splatoon 3 Drizzle Season Update – New Stages, Weapons, and Gear

Fantastic news for all of you, Splatoon fans! The ‘Drizzle Season’ will begin on September 1st, as Nintendo has just revealed that a completely new season will be making its way into the game the following month. That is so great, right? In the next few weeks, the Splatlands will be populated by a large number of fresh faces, just as it has been the case with each of the other three seasons that have come before this one. So take care that you don’t overlook anything important!

We’ve put up a brief guide covering all that the Splatoon 3 Drizzle Season has in store for you. Have a look at it down below!

Splatoon 3 Drizzle Season

We are coming closer and closer to a new update for Splatoon 3, and we could not be more happy! It is anticipated that the forthcoming Drizzle Season will include plenty of new content, which will include brand-new weaponry, new gear, and stages. Quite impressive, don’t you think?

New weapons

This year’s Splatoon 3 Drizzle Season will include the ‘Dread Wringer.’ It has been reported that the weapon will belong to the Slosher class and that it will provide a high level of coverage for rapidly inking an area. There is also one called ‘Heavy Edit Splatling’ that allows you to get into the thick of your opponent’s onslaught in a hurry. Neat!

New gear

You will have the option to make some adjustments to your gear throughout the Drizzle Season. This is a bit less technical aspect of the situation. Table Top fights will also receive a new set of cards, and there will be a number of new challenges, including one that involves inkjets — in other words, players will be encouraged to strive for the skies.

Luckily, there’s more, and we left the best for the end!

New stages

The following new stages will be added to Splatoon 3 during the Drizzle Season:

1. The Crableg Capital has enormous cranes and beams to provide a varied topography with both high and low points.

2. Shipshape Cargo Co.: this will put you aboard a boat where you will compete for ink domination.

What about the coming season are you most looking forward to experiencing? Leave a comment below with your ideas!

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