Dead by Daylight: Alien Chapter 29 Comes With Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley

Behaviour Interactive revealed that the new Dead by Daylight: Alien chapter is now available for download on PCs and fellow consoles. This brings the critically acclaimed sci-fi horror genre to the beloved Dead by Daylight series. That is wonderful news indeed, especially for those who are aficionados of the genre.

One of the biggest challenges of this Chapter was blending the world of Alien with the world of Dead by Daylight. We strived to honor the source material while respecting our gameplay and the universe we have built, and we hope players will recognize – and appreciate – the familiar sights and twisted environmental tweaks from The Entity, explained Chase Toole, Associate Artistic Director of Dead by Daylight.

Are you excited about the new Dead by Daylight: Alien Chapter 29?

Well, you should be considering the amount of goodies it brought! Both the Xenomorph and its archenemy, Ellen Ripley, are now part of the list of playable characters. In addition, the iconic film directed by Ridley Scott served as the impetus for the creation of a new map that was given the name Nostromo Wreckage. Sleek!

Check out below some of the goodies newly introduced:

When you are confronted by the Xenomorph, more Control Stations can be placed on whatever map you are on. The Remote Flame Turret, which has the ability to turn off the Xenomorph’s Crawler Mode abilities and degrade its stealth, may be obtained by interacting with them. Players of Dead by Daylight: Alien will come across a new gameplay element known as Steam Pipes when exploring the Nostromo Wreckage region in the game.

One of the amazing things is that the Xenomorph may use the tunnel system that is connected to the Control Stations in order to move fast throughout the map, and it can even sense the Survivor’s footfall when it is above them!

The critically acclaimed multiplayer horror game franchise has reached its conclusion with the release of its latest installment, Dead by Daylight: Alien. Behaviour Interactive, keep up the excellent work!

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